Planning & GIS Services

At DEC, planning is an essential component of every project we’re involved with. Proper planning yields successful projects with sufficient funding and integrated goal achievement. GIS is a powerful planning tool that has become a best management practice for understanding and analyzing systems and infrastructure. Our GIS specialists will assist in applying the appropriate software to achieve your goals.

Planning Expertise
  • Master Planning
  • Capital Improvements Planning
  • Storm Water Master Plans
  • Integrated Regional Management Planning (IRWMP)
  • Salt and Nutrient Management Plans (SNMPs)
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP)
  • Engineering Feasibility Reports
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Mapping and GIS integration
  • Asset Management and Operations

Featured Projects


Lahontan Basin Integrated Regional Management Plan
North Lahontan Basin IRWMP under Prop 1 including implementation funding for identified projects.

Basin 6-4 Honey Lake Valley Groundwater Basin Salt and Nutrient Management Plan
Major planning effort under the CA DWR SNMP program with the use of spacial analysis and map creation in GIS.


Nye County Hazard Mitigation Plan 
Establishment of the Nye County Hazard Mitigation plan with integrated GIS map creation tool.

Jackpot Storm Water Master Plan
Integrated Use of GIS to create the Town's Storm Water Master Plan.