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Water has influenced the development of civilizations for centuries. Water continues to drive the development of agriculture, industry, and communities in the Western United States. We have the expertise to assist in flood protection, water storage, supply, delivery, storm water management, groundwater, water rights, and environmental protection. Whether a regional plan or localized site drainage, DEC has a long history of providing solutions to water resource challenges. Our experts can apply the latest software to ensure your project’s success.

Water Resource Services

DEC experience includes but is not limited to the following civil engineering designs and studies:

Irrigation Planning
Master Plans
Capital Facilities Plans, Civil Planning
Water Management and Conservation Plans 

River Modeling, Flood Mapping, & Flood Map Modification
Pipe Networks and Planning
Storm Water Modeling and Master Planning
Reservoir Operations Modeling

Measurement Structures & SCADA
Flumes - all types
Doppler / Ultrasonic
SCADA / Telemetry / Automation

Distribution System Engineering or Enhancements
River Diversion Structures
Design and Refurbishment
Fish Passage Engineering & Retrofits
Automated Screening Systems

Pressurized Irrigation system 
Gravity to Pressure Conversions
Pipeline & Distribution System Design
Irrigation District Water Rate Determination & Funding Aid
Energy Dissipation Structures

Encroachment Services
Engineering Development Reviews
Encroachment Agreements 

USDA - NRCS Technical Service Provider (TSP) - DEC is a registered engineering TSP for California, Nevada, and Utah. This certification ensures that DEC follows highest standards of civil engineering design. This also allows the administration of USDA - NRCS funded work to be streamlined.

Metropolis Irrigation Restoration Project - DEC prepared a geotechnical analysis, rehabilitation design, and water conveyance assessments for the Metropolis Irrigation Restoration Project. The work included design of a new dam, flood control structures, recreation facilities, and environmental assessments.

Metropolis Irrigation Company - System Redesign

Featured Projects

Little Truckee River - 2D Flow Model w/ Velocity

Jackpot Storm Water Master Plan
Storm water master plan creation, capital improvements planning, preliminary designs, and extensive use of GIS and advanced software including Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis for integration of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

Bypass Spillway - Humboldt River 
Earth Work, Erosion Control, Storm Water Control, Concrete Design, Construction Management, Use of proprietary energy dissipation system

Tank Design - Manhattan Nevada

Ring Beam, Geotechnical, Tank Design, distribution & piping design

Lateral Irrigation Flume - Walker River

Comprehensive Geotechnical Studies, Structural, Construction Administration.

Diversion Structure - Bishop Creek 

Geotechnical Investigations, Survey, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Concrete, Structural, Full Design Documents

7 Miles - Irrigation Pipeline, Irrigation District 

Hydraulic Design, Inlet Structure Design, Distribution System Design, Construction Administration