Las Vegas Tunnels Hoist and Head Frame Foundations

DEC provided geotechnical foundations design for both Hoist and Winch Foundation and the 200 ton Gantry Crane Foundation for the Contractor, Las Vegas Tunnel Constructors, as part of the new Lake Mead Intake Structure.  Design requirements included “quick turn-around” analyses and design for a large foundation for a Hoist and four (4) Winches. 


DEC evaluated the sub grade soils and work closely with a structural engineer to design: a 60 x 60 x 5 ft mat foundation to support the Hoist and Winches, and two (2) 20 x 20 x 3 ft strut foundations to support the Head Frame. DEC prepared plans and specifications for the projects. 


Because this unique design project was completed on time and within budget, DEC was asked to expand our services to design a challenging Gantry Crane foundation.  The project required a very short turn-around as construction was in progress.

Las Vegas Tunnels Hoist and Head Frame Foundations by DEC