Exploration Drilling

DEC has completed exploration drilling using a variety of drill methods.  These have included:
  • Rock Coring:  DEC has used this method for rock stability assessment, highwalls in open pits and dam design.
  • Sonic Drilling:  The sonic rig vibrates the bit into the ground.  Good for obtaining large bulk samples from the subsurface.
  • Flight Auger:  Both solid and hollow stem auger for shallow and deep foundation investigations, installation of monitoring wells, and split spoon soil sampling.
  • Rotary Drill:  Reverse circulation methods, using air and water, for deep monitoring well installations, mineral exploration, and geothermal exploration and wells.
  • Impact Hammer:  Drilling with an inpact hammer allows penetration and sampling of granular deposits and bedrock.
  • Cone Penetrometer:  For testing soft soils, assessment of dynamic soil response, determine tailing pond depths.
  • Backhoe Test Pits:  Backhoe for fault identification, bulk sampling, shallow structure design such as pavements and spread footings.


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