Our Experience: A foundation You Can Stand On

Our geotechnical engineering experience is a foundation you can stand on. DEC has expert knowledge in the area of geotechnical engineering. We have provided a wide range of services from slope stability analysis and foundation investigation to large earth dam engineering design. Our engineering expertise includes geotechnical recommendations for related civil engineering design.

Geotechnical Services

We provide quality assurance for geotechnical related civil construction.  We have provided expert witness services for dams, foundations and mining projects. Other design experience includes:

Exploration Management
Subsurface drilling
Fault investigation
Mining structures
Dam site location
Monitoring wells

Shallow Foundation Engineering
Site Subsurface Investigation
Commercial Structures
Heavy Equipment Pads
Residential Building

Retaining Wall Systems
Free-standing walls
Mechanically stabilized earth
Geotechnical design of concrete retaining walls

Deep Foundations
Sheet piles
Timber, pile and H-type piles
Pile inspection

Seismic Analysis / Slope Stability
Slope stability
Seismic assessments
Fault Investigations









 Featured Geotechnical Investigations

 Geotechnical Investigation for concrete irrigation works replacement on Bishop Creek.

Geotechnical investigations for Rodgers Dam rehabilitation.

Geotechnical investigation and foundation design for major hoist system.
Rock Cores
 for pit highwall and slope stability analysis.

 Exploration drilling at the failed Rodgers Dam.

DEC has completed exploration drilling using a variety of drill methods.  See various methods of drilling here:  Exploration Drilling

Sweden, UK Slope Stability Project: Large mining operation slope stability management