Protecting our Natural Environment 

 DEC has a wide range of experience providing environmental engineering services. With projects ranging from Phase I site investigations to stream restoration engineering, we have a strong track record of integrating environmental protection with project development. Our staff is adept at navigating the intricacies of regulatory permitting, stream restoration, protection of wetlands, hazardous material mitigation, water quality improvements, and storm water protection. Examples of environmental services rendered are outlined below:

Environmental Services

NEPA Documents 
Categorical Exclusions (Cat Xs)
Environmental Assessments (EAs)
Environmental Impact Study Support (EIS)
Baseline Studies

Watershed Management 
Integrated Regional Watershed Management Planning (IRWMP)
System Optimization & Conservation Engineering

Stream Improvements 
Stream Bank Restoration
Dam Structure Removal
Fish Passage / Screens 

Certified Environmental Management (CEM)
Hazardous Materials and Environmental Science
Site safety plans
Soil and groundwater sampling
Groundwater monitoring installations
Nonpoint source pollution assessment/management reports
Underground storage tank removal/closure 

Mining Environmental
Water Pollution Control Permitting
Air Quality Permitting and Modeling 

Integrated Regional Water Management Planning (IRWMP)
North Lahontan Basin IRWMP
CA DWR reporting and progress invoicing
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Featured Projects


 Goodhue & Hawkins
Boat Storage Facility
Bio-remediation System & Wetlands Protection Project with the 
Lake Winnipesaukee Basin

Virginia Street Bridge
Environmental Testing and Remediation. Contaminated soils testing of UST. 

Newlands Project - XMEIS
DEC is a team member providing Engineering Services for the EIS on the Bureau of Reclamation & TCID's Newlands Irrigation System

 Fox Peak Mixed Use Development NEPA Environmental Assessment for
37 Acres of mixed used
development in an urban center

Birthday Mine Arsenic Remediation
Remediation design for arsenic laden waters at historical mine site