Rodgers Dam, Lovelock Nevada

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                             "Taming the Humboldt River"

Lovelock, Nevada - The 300-mile long Humboldt River runs through northern Nevada in the western United States. It is the longest river in the United States, that does not ultimately reach the ocean. Due to an unusually wet spring in 2006, the river sustained a continuous high rate of flow for three months. On July 17 the 55-year-old dam failed. DEC was enlisted to redesign the Dam. The Dam sits on a sandy foundation which posed a challenging design, solved with a complex soldier pile, and concrete design. 

DEC completed the design, construction, and contract management for reconstruction of Rogers Dam located on the Humboldt River near Lovelock, Nevada.  The original dam failed on July 17, 2006. 


The design investigation has included drilling 16 exploration holes, hydrology calculations, seepage analyses, and seismic assessment.  This fast-track project included providing engineering consultation for the construction of a temporary cofferdam within two weeks so irrigation could continue through the season.


Subsequently, DEC designed and provided field inspections during construction of a 72-foot wide trapezoidal channel concrete block lined spillway, approximately 300 feet long, in the north abutment of the dam.


Additionally, DEC prepared plans, specifications and contract documents for a new (100’x75’x40’) concrete structure with motor driven large radial and slide gates within the cofferdam.  The design was completed by October 2007 and Q & D Construction was selected for Construction.  The structure was completed June 15, 2008.


The entire project was completed within the budget of approximately $5,000,000.  The timely completion of the project saved a full growing season for the Pershing County Water Conservation District.  The area farmers were able to produce their annual crops valued at more than $13,000,000 because the Rodgers Dam was completed quickly and within budget.



Failure of Rodgers Dam
Power Point Presentation (PDF) - "Overcoming Distance and Cold Weather with Concrete"  (Larger file: click and wait, or right click > save as)
Presented to the American Concrete Pavement Association By Walter Slack P.E. 
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Rodgers Dam Rebuild

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