Hydraulic Structures - Planning | Design | Permitting

DEC has built a firm foundation in dam services and design. From feasibility and design to inspection and construction management, DEC is a trusted civil engineering source for dam knowledge and experience.

Experience: Dams and Hydraulic Structures
    • Full Dam Engineering Design and Construction Management
    • Liquefaction Analysis and Dam Remediation
    • Phase 1 Site Inspections
    • Reservoir Management
    • Feasibility Reports
    • Engineering Hydrologic Studies
      • PMP, PMF, IDF
      • Reservoir Routing
    • Operations Studies
    • Embankment Engineering
    • Spillway Engineering and Refurbishing
    • Fuse Plug Engineering Design
    • Irrigation Systems Engineering / Master Planning
    • Recreation Systems Engineering
    • Emergency Action Plans (EAP's)
      • Flood Mapping / Inundation Studies
    • Standard Operating Procedures, (SOP)

DEC has work on over 110 Dams throughout the US and Internationally.
The following is an abbreviated list of dams, where civil engineering services have been provided by DEC or its engineering staff. 
Bishop Creek Dam, Wells Nevada
Rodgers Dam, Lovelock Nevada
Cletus Hamilton Dam, Utah
Charleston Reservoir, Nevada        
Bushee Creek Ranch, Nevada
Bull Run Dam, Elko County
Disabet Reservoir, Washoe County
Wilson Dam, Elko County
Toney Reservoir, Washoe County
Rawhide Dam, Elko County
Reed Reservoir Dam, Elko County
Rye Patch Dam, Pershing County
Round Mountain Dam, Elko County
John Day Reservoir Dam, Washoe County
Sunflower Dam, Elko County
Little Valley Reservoir, Washoe County
Chimney Creek Dam, Elko County
Boyd Reservoir Dam, Elko County
Deep Creek Dam, Elko   County
Wall Creek Dam # 2, Washoe County
Catnip Dam, Washoe County
Dry Creek Dam
Echo Canyon Dam           
East Fork Dam, Philipsburg, MT
Bull Lake Dam Riverton, Near Wild Bill Cody Dam
Washakie Dam, Wind River, Wyoming
Dry Fork Battle Creek Irrigation Dam, Chinook, MT
Tin Cup Dam, Western Montana
Cottonwood Dam, Clyde Park, MT
Craig Adams Water Ski Ponds, Tremonton, UT
Wide Hollow Reservoir, Escalante UT.

Cerro Quema Dam, Panama
Pit-Taylor Dams, Nevada
Verdi Meadow Wastewater lagoon, NV
Lightning W Ranch Dams, NV
Tonkin Springs Tailings Dam, Eureka, NV
Spanish Flat Dam, Washoe County, NV
Hyalite Reservoir, Bozeman, MT
Storm Lake Reservoir, Deer Lodge Co.
Twin Lakes Dam, Sheridan, WY
Nevada Creek Dam
Bair Dam
Weber Reservoir
Hoyer Dam
Lima Dam
Red Rocks Lake Dam
Palisades No. 1
Iowa Creek Dam              
Silver Creek Dam
Gartside Dam
Coney Reservior
Lake Adelaide Dam
Martinsdale Reservoir
Middle Creek Dam
Rat Lake Dam
Broadwater Missouri/Tonston Dam
Silver Lake Reservoir, Deer Lodge Co., MT
Ackley Lake Dam
South Sandstone, Baker, MT
Petrolia Dam, Winnet, MT
Newlan Creek Dam, Lewistown, MT
Hanson Creek Dam, Lewistown, MT
Big Casino Creek Dam, Lewistown, MT
Pike Creek Dam, Lewistown, MT
Neilson Ponds, Randolph, UT

Featured Projects

Rodgers Dam:
NWRA Major project of the year - Rural (civil). Large flood flows and sand make this complex solution a winning civil engineering design... More
Penstock Replacement Project:
DEC provides On-call Dam design services working to manage dam capital improvements such as spillway and outlet works rehabilitation. This project is a replacement of 2 - 46" steel penstocks, options included carbon fiber lining systems.
Zunino Reservoir Rehabilitation Project:
DEC performed a fall dam rebuild including 2,400 feet of dikes for the State of Nevada. The Project was awarded runner up for project of the year 2015 by the Truckee Meadow ASCE. The project also included a 5-acre fish pond and bentonite cutoff trenching.  
Boca Dam:
DEC provides engineering services for the remediation of USBR controlled Boca Dam. Boca is a major dam on the Truckee River System. The Dam is being retrofitted for Seismic hazards, the PMF, and Security.
Knott Creek Dam:
Restrictions were placed on the dam and rehabilitation was required. DEC provided the Engineering Design and construction management for the rehabilitation of the dam.