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DEC is a multi-discipline civil engineering firm based in Reno, Nevada, specializing in civil engineering, specifically; aviation, development, environmental, mining, and water resources engineering. We provide civil engineering services to a wide range of clients both private and public. Our track record is our greatest sales pitch. We have completed engineering projects in most western United States with the majority of our work being focused in Nevada, California, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. We have also performed civil engineering services internationally in Europe, Central America, Canada, and with Clients from China.

 Featured Projects & News 

Awards from the 2015 ASCE Banquet

"Young Engineer of the Year"
Shane K. Dyer, P.E. 

"Project of the Year Finalist"
Zunino Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

Fox Peak - Movie Theater
DEC performed the Preliminary Engineering, Geotechnical, NEPA EA, and Civil Site Design for the Fox Peak Movie Theater. The project Architect was FFKR.

Boca Dam / Reservoir, California
DEC was selected to consult on the proposed upgrades to the Boca Dam for the Washoe County Water Conservation District. DEC was a part of the Consultant Review Board and the Value Engineering Study for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Lahontan Basin IRWMP, CA 
DEC was selected to perform the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) for the North Lahontan Basin Region. The work is currently underway. Additional information on the project can be found... Here

Zunino Reservior, Elko Nevada
DEC is designing the new and improved Jiggs / Zunino Dam South of Elko, Nevada. This project includes a full dam design and submittal to Nevada Dam Safety.

Rodgers Dam, Lovelock Nevada
NWRA Major project of the year - Rural. This dam design included complex geotechnical pile designs, hydrology, and structural engineering... More

2016 - Dyer Engineering's 18th year in Business

Dam Breech 2D Simulation w/ Railroad Overtopping

Award Winning Designs - Since 1998, Dyer Engineering has proudly served its clients with award winning and innovative civil engineering designs out of Reno, Nevada. Our engineering Team consists of:

 P.E.      Professional Engineers 
 W.R.S. Registered Water Rights Surveyors
 C.E.M. Certified Environmental Managers
 T.S.P. Technical Service Providers for the USDA & NRCS

State of the Art Software - DEC uses the latest in modeling and Computer Aided Design software such as; AutoCAD Civil 3D, ArcGIS, Aquaveo's WMS, HEC-2D.